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Philip Noone - Say Anything but a Goodbye. February 14th.

Updated: Jan 9

Collectively we are all going through the most challenging period of our lives. In a year that has seen the music industry decimated, I feel only now that international Gig bookings are coming back in for this year, that i can properly describe the past twelve months. After posting a recent and the subsequent messages I have received I have decided to do a short bi-weekly cast exclusive to Spotify. This cast will feature others from a range of backrounds and influences to discuss how they are best re-adjusting to the current climate.

My new single "Say Anything but a Goodbye" will be available on all platforms from February 14th. This song is the most honest and raw project I have ever worked on and can't wait to share it. It features the amazing Severn Duo, a Violinist and Cellist from Newcastle, England who play every note with such emotion and perfection. The music video features some well known faces from Irish Cinema and hopefully covers the true message of the song. A growing undertone of the pandemic has been the effects of human isolation. Having lost a friend tragically and reading about the increase in suicides, especially amongst young people caused me to pick up a pen and guitar. A common phrase used throughout the lockdown is "we are all in this together" when the reality is a lot of people felt like we aren't. "Say Anything but a Goodbye" is rooted from this. If you're feeling down or low, talk to someone and just say anything, because anything is better than saying Goodbye.

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